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Minor change

There is a minor change at the domain. I thought since I haven't change layouts since January, something needed to be done. However, the layout there isn't anything special. It is basically a temp layout since the layout I am working on is taking quite a while. Located on the temp layout is my three main shrines plus my sisters and friends. I put this layout up to say that I am not going on hiatus. I am just working on other sites that cannot be put up. Below is a list of the upcoming items that I am doing for the domain.

  • 1. Domain layout change - this one is huge and different. Well, not completely different. You will see soon enough.

  • 2. A Fading Dream - layout change plus everything. Trust me, it needs to be redone.

  • 3. Surprise - there is a huge surprise. This one is the biggest that I have ever done. It won't be done till the ending of the year unless I work on it more.

I might have more minor things, but those are the big things that I want to get done. The third one is an ongoing process. It is just a huge project that will take quite a while. I might have to put an upcoming site, but that would be too much of a tease.
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Pretty huge update!

Shattered Memories has gone through a huge update, one that should last for a while. There were actually two sites that were changes, also. Well, one is actually completely new.

- Shattered Memories was the first huge change. It actually got a subname for the site. It is also known as the "Blue Tears Network". There is even a new layout there, one that I am actually proud of. All the pages were changed and updated. I am actually looking for affiliates. Comment here if you would like to be one. Also, all affiliates, if you would like to become a sibling, comment here also.

- Studio 11 is my portfolio site. It features my past layouts for my domain. Plus, it features my resume and basically more information about me. It will become my personal page.

- Expressions received a new look. It is my writing site. It houses my fanfiction, fiction, and poetry that I have written. Keep checking there for I am thinking about adding one of my novels to that site.
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A Fading Dream

After working and working, I finally got a new layout up for one of my shrines. The design is something different. I like how it turned out and everything. Took forever, though. I think I spent about three hours, probably more, on just designing it before I took another two more hours to just code it.

Anyways, here is the url: A Fading Dream: My Tidus & Yuna Shrine.
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Surprise! Shattered Memories is back alive. I finally gave in and moved hosts. I am now hosted at Surpass Hosting.

In the process of moving and such, I lost everything, so some sites still might be down, but the fanlistings and shrines are up and running. Slowly but surely, I plan on getting everything back up and running. It will just take time.

With all this moving, though, I did get something new up. Yep, Shattered Memories has a new layout... FINALLY!

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Just one update.

Just one update at the moment, but it is probably going to be the biggest for a while.

Shattered Memories is off the hiatus. Along with the domain, a new layout has been made. Also, links have been checked and people who have dropped me because of the hiatus have been removed. Affiliates and siblings are now closed.

shattmem also received a new make over. It features an image from the same series as the domain: Odin Sphere. Organization came with the links making it easier for navigation.

There are two fanlistings coming. Just need to finish the coding. A new shrine is in the process of being finished with information while another shrine is being started. This one being a total secret. One shrine is also being revamped. However, that is due to the time I have away from homework and school work.

And last, I am still on my hiatus for posting in Livejournal. However, that doesn't mean my domain will go back on it. The domain is open and ready!
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Within Reach: Tribute to Cloud & Tifa

Within Reach, my shrine dedicated to Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart of Final Fantasy VII, has a new layout. It was a layout that I was going to use for my domain when it finally comes off hiatus. However, it seem reasonable that my most popular site receive a revamp before my domain does, especially since the layout hasn't been redone in a while.

This is probably the last revamp till I am off hiatus. Enjoy!
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Shattered Memories Update

Shattered Memories has been removed from it's short hiatus. There is a new layout and new content. The layout features something different. It is not anime, and it is not gaming. Instead, it is something completely new hat I actually have never used.

Also, all fanlistings have been updated with new members and such. A new layout also been placed at Aftermath. It features "Beauty and the Beast". This layout is due to my sister playing Kingdom Hearts II again.

I also changed Every Heart's layout. Plus, the content has been changed. Take the chance to see the new changes.